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Sep. 6th, 2008


Tonight we went to the birthday gathering of blergeatkitty and I just realized that it is so long sine I have referred to Jess as Blerg that it is actually strange to use that term now.

Was nice to see so many people there that I know...and really weird to see eyeteeth because I had no idea that she knew that crowd and it is just another "it's a small LJ world after all" moment. And hopefully we will see her later in this week because substitute is going to be in town and staying with her.

It was a good party though....nice gathering of people who are always lovely to see.

We just got home and opened a bottle of organic wine, which I am not liking as much as I would like to and I am starting to think that organic wine just is not as good.

Also....life is kind of really cool right now. Here is to hoping it stays that way.

Peace out -
In watching political coverage this past year, I am always amused with the little exchanges like this:

"If Obama offers you the role of Secretary of defense, would you accept?"
"Well I right now we are just focused on the campaign and getting him elected."
"But if he offers, would you accept?"
"I would proud to serve Obama and my country in any way"
"So you would accept"
"Well right now we are just focused on beating John McCain."

I mean you know they not only would say yes, they want to be asked. And why is that bad to say so? And to start it off, I just want to put it out there publicly, that if Obama wins and offers me the position of White House Chief of Staff, I will gladly accept.

What position would you accept? (feel free to make up your own...heh)


Erin McKeown's "Daisy and Prudence" was the first shuffled song on my iPod this morning on my walk to the subway and now it is stuck in my head; especially the line this is a moment we'll mark time by which seems awfully apropros to me for personal reasons at the moment. And there is a meta-factor now because I am fairly certain that this song will now always bring me back to this moment too, but maybe not...as I don't think that I am normally aware of the the songs that bring me back to some place and time at the moment they are marked.

Do you ever realize when a song is sort of branding itself on you? Or is it after, at some point in the future when you hear it out of the blue for the first time after the moment, that you realize you have now had a song tattooed to the surface of your memories? And what songs are most powerful for you like this?


If you were going to make a giant theme/amusement park...what theme would you make your park?


Aug. 21st, 2008

Ok, you are walking down a quiet empty street by yourself, early evening, and an alien spaceship lands in front of you. A couple of alien types get out of the ship, walk toward you non-threateningly and you sort of just get a feeling these are a couple of nice alien chaps. When they reach you one says, "We come in peace, please take us to your leader."

Where do you take them?


In my salad for lunch every day I get fat free turkey, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms and snow peas with a fat free lemon herb dressing. What do you put in your salad?


Jul. 22nd, 2008

I have destroyed you


                                         into molasses

...if I never you see you again it will be ok because despite the seemingly fleeting moments we spent together (what were they? maybe 8 days extended into 10?) in my mind they remain an eternity and you might flit and flutter around the world finding yourself, we found each other over a fight and a flight and that is what matters...

"what a piece of work is man!"