The Blogger Formerly Known as !&#@$! (kennfusion) wrote,
The Blogger Formerly Known as !&#@$!


Tonight we went to the birthday gathering of blergeatkitty and I just realized that it is so long sine I have referred to Jess as Blerg that it is actually strange to use that term now.

Was nice to see so many people there that I know...and really weird to see eyeteeth because I had no idea that she knew that crowd and it is just another "it's a small LJ world after all" moment. And hopefully we will see her later in this week because substitute is going to be in town and staying with her.

It was a good party though....nice gathering of people who are always lovely to see.

We just got home and opened a bottle of organic wine, which I am not liking as much as I would like to and I am starting to think that organic wine just is not as good. is kind of really cool right now. Here is to hoping it stays that way.

Peace out -

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