The Blogger Formerly Known as !&#@$! (kennfusion) wrote,
The Blogger Formerly Known as !&#@$!

Erin McKeown's "Daisy and Prudence" was the first shuffled song on my iPod this morning on my walk to the subway and now it is stuck in my head; especially the line this is a moment we'll mark time by which seems awfully apropros to me for personal reasons at the moment. And there is a meta-factor now because I am fairly certain that this song will now always bring me back to this moment too, but maybe I don't think that I am normally aware of the the songs that bring me back to some place and time at the moment they are marked.

Do you ever realize when a song is sort of branding itself on you? Or is it after, at some point in the future when you hear it out of the blue for the first time after the moment, that you realize you have now had a song tattooed to the surface of your memories? And what songs are most powerful for you like this?
Tags: music, quiz

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