The Blogger Formerly Known as !&#@$! (kennfusion) wrote,
The Blogger Formerly Known as !&#@$!

Ciao Bellaci

Hello from Rome, Italy.

It is just after midnight here and I have barely slept since I left NYC about 22 hours ago.

I am staying at a boutique hotel right by the Fountain of Tivoli, which is nowhere as cool as the fountain of Trevi which I did walk to today and it was actually quite fantastic. Although I have to say that the Bascilica Santa Maria Ad Martyres at the Pantheon was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in my life.

Not sure what I am doing tomorrow. Walking to the Colosseum I think, maybe just more wandering around aimlessly. I am not going to the Vatican until Tuesday, not sure why, I just chose that day to go to the Vatican. Maybe tomorrow I will go up to Borghese Museum.

I had dinner in a place that was actually named Ciao Bella and it actually could have been one of many Italian restaurants in NYC. Which was strange because I was expecting to find that NYC Italian restaurants were lame, but it turns out that they might be authentic. I mean I was eating dinner and Volare even came on the music they were listening to. The food was great though.

Anyway, I should sleep arrivederci!

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