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I have found the best way to get back at rude elderly black women on the subway. These are the women with 3 bags, and they position them so they take up part of the seat on both sides of them so that no one can sit next to them because they need 3 seats at one time.

Step 1: Sit down next to them anyway, smooshing their bag between you and them.
Step 2: Wait for them to give you a really dirty look.
Step 3: Lean over and say, "You are making the baby jesus cry"

Trust me and try it is a lot of fun. I won't spoil the results for you.

On another note of me being a complete ass.....

I ran into my upstairs neighbor the other day in the hallway, the guy who lives with his girlfriend directly above me.
Him: You live in 3A below me right?
Me: Sure do.
Him: I hope we are not too noisy, or stomp too much.
Me: Nah, you are good, but do you have a headboard on your bed?
Him: (grinning in that guy-to-guy "I am a stud" sort of way) Oh yeah....loud huh? Sorry about that.
Me: No worries, it does not last long (as I entered my apartment).

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