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Tool is the new Ramones

Waiting for the train back from the Bauhaus/Nine Inch Nails show.

First, I hate stadiums.

Both bands were great, unless I am missing something NIN did every song from Pretty Hate Machine except Ringfinger. I was suprised. But pleased. Heard everything I wanted to except The I can't complain. They even did Gave Up.....

I spent a good portion of the night explaining my concert t-shirt theories to Karlyn and judging people based on the shirts they chose to wear.

By far the most popular choice was Tool t-shirts. Which reminded me of the plethora of Ramones t-shirts you would see at any show 10 years ago.

My t-shirt rules are are not allowed to wear a shirt of the band you are seeing...unless you have some really obscure shirt that no one else would have or, you are under 24 and bought the shirt that night. (But if you are 25 or older and you bought the shirt that night have have to wait to wear it....or its not cool)

Also, you can't wear a t-shirt of another band from a tour that played locally within the past 6 months.

I personally chose my Reverend Horton Heat shirt for tonight. It is obscure enough that the only people who would recognize the band would actually think the t-shirt rules exist.

My vote for worst choice of the night was the guy in the Velvet Revolver shirt...sorry, just not cool.

My favorite choice though came out of left field. Late 20s guy with a mini-hawk wearing a Rush Moving Pictures shirt.

Best comments of the night were from the stupid Long Island girls behind us who literally talked the whole night. One of which said when Bauhaus came on, "I think they are some new crazy German band....whatever....let's go get hot dogs."
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