August 28th, 2008


(no subject)

In watching political coverage this past year, I am always amused with the little exchanges like this:

"If Obama offers you the role of Secretary of defense, would you accept?"
"Well I right now we are just focused on the campaign and getting him elected."
"But if he offers, would you accept?"
"I would proud to serve Obama and my country in any way"
"So you would accept"
"Well right now we are just focused on beating John McCain."

I mean you know they not only would say yes, they want to be asked. And why is that bad to say so? And to start it off, I just want to put it out there publicly, that if Obama wins and offers me the position of White House Chief of Staff, I will gladly accept.

What position would you accept? (feel free to make up your own...heh)