March 26th, 2007


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So have not looked at LJ in like forever and cannot really go back and read everything I missed, so sorry.

Was in So Cal for a very short trip last week after a business trip to Utah. I missed most of you, sorry. I will be back in town in August so will try to spend more time in teh OC. I should have just gone to Tamara's dinner thing...I would have seen more people...but I listened to Phil, oh well...heh

I just finished watching the end of Season 2 of Battlestar Galatctica tonight. Dude...Ensign Ro Laren is an Admiral? cool (please don't spoil what happens next if you have seen it). Show is damn good though.

Working ungodly hours, just increased the size of my department from 4 to 7, so it is a bit hectic, but work is really good and the company is really in an amazing growth period, it is really exciting to be part of it.

Hope everyone is well....

Oh...and the new Modest Mouse song Dashboard rocks.
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